Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Troy's Wonderful Parks

One of the most valuable assets of any city is its parks. Clean and inviting parks are essential to many aspects of neighborhood development. Some of which include improving economic growth and sustainability, reduction in crime, improving residents physical and mental health, creating a strong sense of community, and supporting overall quality of life. All these and more are important to the prosperity of any community.

The city of Troy has over 20 municipal parks from Lansingburgh to South Troy. Many of these parks are little neighborhood pocket parks that offer community members a place to relax, bar-b-que, and include play ground equipment for children to enjoy. Growing up in South Troy I spent a lot of time playing baseball and enjoying the swings at the Canal Street Park. A lot of childhood memories revolve around that park and last year when it was renovated it ensured that many more memories will be had by other children. The Mayor and city’s Department of Parks and Recreation have taken a proactive approach in keeping these parks updated, safe, and clean for residents. These parks add to the neighborhoods luster and act as a major component in improving quality of life. Last year our neighborhood group, the North Lansingburgh Neighborhood Watch, began construction on a new riverside park on 1st Ave and 112th St. This was a vacant, underutilized, city-owned property over grown with weeds. We submitted a plan to the Mayor as part of the CDBG process. The plan was accepted and now the land is underdevelopment. Phase one was completed last spring and phase two is slated to begin at any moment and once this phase is completed the park will be ready for use. This new 112th St. Gateway Park, just as the rehabilitation of the Canal Street Park, and the recent upgrades our neighborhood group assisted with at the 112th Street Park between 4th and 5th Ave.’s, becomes the catalyst community improvement. These simple infrastructure improvements not only beautify the area but they instill a sense of community pride and spirit in people.

I have always thought that Prospect Park was the crown jewel of the city. The vistas and tranquility the park offers is second to none in the Capital Region. For a while now I felt that the park was underutilized and opportunity was passing us by. That’s way I was pleased to learn that this will be addressed soon and Mayor Tutunjian will be investing in improvements to the park adding to park equipment and by making it safer and cleaner. Prospect Park is definitely a unique piece of property; if you haven’t been there take a trip it well worth the time.

Many people travel far and wide to enjoy parks throughout our region and state, but with the unfortunate closure of many state parks maybe now residents of Troy and the greater Capital Region will re-discover the wonderful parks right here in Troy, close to home, and literally right in our back yards.

To find the closest park to your neighborhoods and for a complete list of Troy's park Click Here

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