Monday, November 1, 2010

All the ads, signs, and mailers go away after tommorrow... It's Election Day!

For those of you who know me know that I like to dabble in politics from time-to-time. I have been following our local races pretty closely and would like to offer my opinion ahead of Election Day on a few of them.

First, we’ll start with our only City of Troy election this year, City Court Judge (civil court). Judge Matt Turner has seen over 100,000 cases before him while serving as our current city judge. Matt has a record of presiding with fairness, integrity, impartiality, unbiased attitude, courtesy, and promptness. In other words Matt upholds the law and does so in humane and civil manner. The city of Troy needs someone like Matt to represent us. The cases that Matt see’s everyday are based on issues that strain our quality-of-life. After 12 years as judge Matt has done what is fair and just in protecting the city and its residents. Don't just take it from me… if the recent results from this year’s Primary Election are an indicator, hundreds of residents share my point of view. Matt defeated his opponent nearly 3 to 1 in the primary for the Conservative, Independence, and Working Families party lines.

Next we’ll find our way to the cesspool that has been Albany and our state government.

In a time when everything that comes out of Albany has been the adverse to common sense leadership several individuals have done their best to speak for us, the residents of Upstate NY. Roy McDonald has set out to protect our interests and strive to move forward an Upstate Agenda. While ciaos ruled, Roy was hard working. Roy knows the formula. His experience is one of proven results in lowering and eliminating taxes, positive economic development that has created hundreds of jobs and strengthened countless Upstate communities. If you have ever ventured north toward Saratoga you will see the results of Roy’s vision, hard work, and bi-partisan leadership. For almost 2 years now we have been denied similar continued growth in our region because Albany finds itself ruled by a Downstate agenda. Roy’s campaign has been one based on facts, experience, and solutions. Roy’s opponent’s has been filled with deception and outright lies. We do not need business as usual in Albany, we need real leaders with proven results.

One aspect, regardless of political persuasion, that has to upset the constituents of some of the state senate and assembly districts are the way by which they are laid out. Usually, you’ll find a large portion of a district to include the majority of the incumbent’s votes (party persuasion) and a small portion of a district to include a very minor percentage of votes. This is the case for the 108th Assembly seat. A small portion of Troy’s council district’s 1, 2, and 3 fall within the 108th. With this being the case what we have experienced is a serious lack in representation by the sitting assemblyman. I would go as far to ask, “Does Tim Gordon know where Lansingburgh is?” The majority of his time, effort, and pork stay’s in Albany County where his votes are. But this is a minor complaint when you analyze Tim’s record. Tim has been a “yes” vote on tax increase after tax increase as he continues to support Shelly Silver and his downstate agenda. In my opinion Mr. Gordon has been lying to and fleecing the public for far too long. Tim is not an independent, he takes his orders from the assembly dem’s and his current and past campaigns have been financed by them, isn’t this a conflict? This charade has gone on for too long. We need enthusiasm, we need a common sense plan, we need someone with an understanding of what the residents and small businesses of Upstate really need… We need a resident of Rensselaer County in Albany to fairly and accurately represent us… we need Steve McLaughlin in the state assembly!

To recap:

Troy City Court Judge: Matthew Turner

NYS Senate 43rd District: Roy McDonald

NYS Assembly 108th District: Steve McLaughlin

Other races…

US Congress 21st District: Ted Danz

NYS Assembly 106th District: Ron Canesteri

Finally, there is one thing we can all agree on, taxes are too high and our government is broken. Let your voice be heard… VOTE TOMORROW! Even if the individual you cast a vote for loses every vote against their opponent demonstrates to the victorious candidate that there are people paying attention and who do not agree. Don’t just take my or anyone else's word for it research the candidates, their past, present, and plans for the the future. Visit for the Records election coverage.

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