Monday, January 21, 2013

S.O.S, :Smoke Signals: - a plea of help from Lansingburgh

Everyday it's something different. Street crime, violence, gun and drug activity. Each morning we awake in Lansingburgh to another form of quality-of-life crime - at least that what it appears anyway.

Here is what several residents in Southerner Lansingburgh seen when they went out to their vehicles his Monday morning.

Some may say ignorance is bliss. However, in this case it is not. This is the third posting where the continued increase in crime has been clearly exampled, to date no acknowledgement.

Honestly, not sure if there is much more to say, these photos speak for themselves.

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  1. It's a massive block has been vandalized...burglarized and we even found two men coming out of our once locked yard with some of our property! Mail and packages are being taken and opened and tossed about on the's gowing to be a bigger problem by the day.....Im assuming by the amount we seem to be ignored we can take matters into our own hands? I mean...composting seems to be a more important issue than safety of residents....come lou! Listen to us! when you knocked on my door telling me why i should vote for you i asked "will you forget lansingburgh too?" and you said "Absolutely not" lied...