Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Last night the bedrock of American politics was rocked. Regardless of your party affiliation you need to be energized with the fact that the tax paying public has had enough of the business as usual, self-importance approach of governing. For Massachusetts, a state that hasn't elected a Republican senator in 30 some years, to elect Scott Brown to a senate position that has been a Kennedy stronghold should send shock waves through every house of government from coast to coast.

Residents of Troy this year will have the opportunity of voting for representatives for each house of government at the state and federal level and for governor. Its about time our elected official listen to and follow through by conducting what is right for the people. Our State government is dysfunctional on a good day and it appears those at the federal level are more concerned with pleasing special interest groups, who in return aid them in reelection.

Somebody(s) need to take office with the real intent of curbing spending and the costs taxpayers bear each year. We need people with enough political courage to take on government, NYS government has grown too big and bureaucratic. A "tune up" is long over due.

Thank you Massachusetts for putting these politicians on notice and drawing a line in the sand. In November, New York is next...


  1. What an unfortunate article to post -- everyone realizes that Republicans end up spending more than Democrats (esp. at the Federal level, then State, whereas at the local level it varies).

    Do your own research, and don't take my word for it:

    The MA special election was a really exciting race. But has the author of this blog article followed Brown at all?! It seems like a vain attempt to somehow laud local Republicans, and confuse issues of local spending, by confounding the issue with the fact that a Republican in MA won the election in that state.

    Weird, post, seriously.

  2. Armando I wrote this post because the outcome of the MA special election is the general tone that is felt in each state across the country. People are fed up with the under-achieving, promise breakers that continue to attempt to force feed personal agendas to the tax payers. Across the board look at the approval ratings at the national and local state level. Our elected officials are falling on their faces and at who's expense? Ours.

    My post didn't in any way praise or endorse local or national Republican's. It was purely a statement of "enough already"...