Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Buy Local

Much has been made recently in the press regarding the financial troubles that the Troy Pioneer Food Co-Op is experiencing. But what is not being reported is the fact that businesses city-wide are feeling the same pain. This is a tough market to operate a small business in. Business owners are being tasked with making tough decisions and operating lean. The worse case scenario is they are closing a locking their doors. This has become the norm. We have lost and are on the verge of losing several businesses in the city, but why is this? Well, obviously the economy is a large part of the issue, but the second part is we as Troy residents are not diversified. There are many types of shops and restaurants from Lansingburgh to South Troy that offer something unique, but many residents are not “trying something new.” Spreading the wealth around would go a long way in helping these businesses out. It’s understandable that maybe there just isn’t enough money to go around at the moment, but if everyone tried a different local restaurant or bought some of their gifts locally this holiday season rather than venturing across the river it would make a tremendous impact.

Buying local is not a new concept. The biggest contributor to local economic success is by practicing this it. As a community we need to support our businesses, we need them. Their success directly impacts each one of us. One of the largest revenue sources for the county and city is sales tax. We, the residents, have some control in the matter. The more we purchase within our own communities, the more we contribute locally, the more we save. In effect we are re-investing in ourselves. The more we contribute locally the stronger our communities become. Our city has an outstanding selection of restaurants and shops. Take advantage of them. And if you’re looking for something that is not readily available within the city, I’m sure you can find it in Brunswick, East Greenbush, or elsewhere in the county. Again, it’s simple in concept.

When it comes time to make your next purchase or enjoy an evening out strongly consider keeping it “within the neighborhood.” The benefits are far reaching.

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