Thursday, February 3, 2011

2011 State of the City Address

Putting all the political drama of recent times aside, I think you’d have to agree with me that Troy has become a better place to live, work, and invest in over the past 7 years. Each time a mayor and his administration come into office you would expect them to progressively move their municipality forward, it’s their job. Each past Mayor has and each future one will do so as well with differing levels of success. With less than 11 months remaining is his second and final term as Mayor; Harry Tutunjian can look back and honestly say, “I’ve made a difference.” Troy is truly in a better position to capitalize on its future. People may be quick to point out a few setbacks, but after all they are human, like you and I. Many tough decisions had to have been made, many where popular and some not so, but knowing the Mayor as I do I know each decision was made in the best interest of the city and its residents. You may not agree with me and I respect that, everyone is entitled to their own individual opinion.

Tonight Mayor Tutunjian will deliver his 8th and final State of the City address prior to the Regular City Council meeting. Given the significance of this year’s speech, one would assume he will outline the progress Troy has experienced over the last 7 years, while outlining his agenda for the next 11 months and how this will impact the future of the city.

The council meeting begins promptly at 7pm at the Christ Church United Methodist at 35 State Street in Downtown Troy. The Mayor's SOTC will be the first item on the agenda. I’d encourage you to come and listen, after, if you have a question or concern talk to the Mayor yourself following the meeting. Don’t rely on the media and sound bites from politicians to help frame your thoughts and opinions. This is our city and our government, participate in it.

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  1. Jim, while Harry has done an above average job, the impact of David Patterson, the NYS Legislature, B. Hussein Obama, and the Congress have left Troy in a far less competitive environment than it was several years ago. Yes, Troy looks good compared to Schenectady, but so does Kabul.