Thursday, February 17, 2011

Specialized CDTA Service for Senior's and Special Need's Patrons

Recently, I became aware of a specialized service offered through CDTA. The STAR (Special Transit Available by Request) program is a paratransit (alternative mode of flexible passenger transportation that does not follow fixed routes or schedules) service that provides origin to destination transportation for seniors and people with disabilities who are unable to ride a regular fixed-route bus. STAR is available in areas where CDTA's regular route service is provided. A reservation is required with a one way fare of $2.50 ($5.00 round trip).

This service follows the existing CDTA bus service routes and will make pick-ups and drop-offs to any location within three quarters of a mile of a CDTA fixed route on the same days and times. For example, if a CDTA bus operates Monday- Friday from 6AM - 7PM, along a specific route, STAR is available within three quarters of a mile on either side of that route during those same hours. All STAR buses are ADA compliant and the service allows for personal care attendants with proper identification to accompany the individual free of charge.

Given the guidelines of this program, Troy seniors and those with disabilities can travel the majority of the Capital Region at a low cost. Whether it be for trips to the doctor, shopping, or to visit family or friends CDTA has made their service assessable to everyone.
If you believe you or someone you know could benefit from this service contact CDTA to learn more by calling 518-482-2022 or by visiting the STAR website by clicking here.

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